Distribution of Petroleum Products & Gas Group

Rexxon Petroleum & Gas Group sells and distributes Refined Petroleum Products, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) to Retailers and Wholesalers, Mining, Governments and Parastatals, as well as Refining Companies.

We consider our sales and service offerings to our valued clients to be of extreme importance. We know that your business in trading with these petroleum fuels also depends on supply of these products and assurance of availability.

Our valued suppliers include Chevron, Shell, BP, Total, Engen, PetroSA, and Sasol within South Africa, and for all our International Product Placement, we have ties into an International Oil Refinery and Trade Desks capable of servicing our International Clients anywhere on the globe.

Petroleum Fuels:

  • Gas (Both LPG and LNG)
  • Propane (Industrial & Domestic)
  • Gasoline (All Grades)
  • Diesel (All Grades)
  • Illuminating Paraffin
  • Lubricants (Automotive & Industrial)
  • Crude Oil (Various)

Where you need it, when you need it!

We invite you to contact us today for your Bulk Petroleum Fuels requirements.

Mining Sectors:

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Coal
  • Chrome
  • Copper